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What is SEO? The 10 Ranking Factors You Need to Know

What is SEO

Search engine optimization is a particularly important concept that you need to be aware of, especially if you are getting into a website business. SEO is the process of improving and optimizing your website for search engines and audiences. We want SEO Company readers to know that SEO is only important because you can’t get your website to the top of search engine ranking pages without focusing on it. You should know that the main goal of every website owner is to get their website on the top shelves. So, there is a lot of competition in the digital market when it comes to SEO services.

There are hundreds of ranking factors established by Google and other search engines, but you should know that it would be quite impossible to discuss them all in one article. So today we are only going to tell you about the ten most important ranking factors that would improve your search ranking positions!

Ten important ranking factors you need to know!

Here we have listed the important factors you need to focus on if you are planning to take your site or page to the next level!


Accessibility is the first most important factor that can bring your website to a higher position. Your website must be very accessible to the search engine and to the public that comes to the web. If Google or any other search engine can’t crawl a website, it can’t index it and therefore you won’t get on the Serps. There are many ways to optimize your website’s accessibility, and many factors can help you understand if your site is not indexed. The search engine may have difficulty accessing the page if you have:

  • Allowed Robot.txt
  • Do not add meta tags
  • Your page contains an error
  • Bad tags, especially canonical
  • Non-indexable content
  • Decent crawl budget
  • No backlinks
  • Unique content

Unique content is also one of the basic and important ranking factors established by Google. You should know that plagiarism can be a killer for SEO and your ranking position. If you want your page to grow and reach the top of the SERPs, you need to make sure you have unique content. You can only be sure by using a plagiarism checker. A plagiarism check is very important when it comes to publishing content. If you don’t do a plagiarism check, you just risk being accused of dozens of types of plagiarism. Many plagiarism tools can help you check plagiarism in your website content, but we suggest you do a plagiarism check with smallseotools or prepost seo recommended by SEO Services Company. Checking for plagiarism with this website is very reliable, secure, and most importantly, accurate!


Backlinks are also an important factor for website rankings. Google considers the quality of the links that point to your website. Links from higher authorities point to you, and the better your ranking position will be. The following aspects measure the quality of backlinks:

  • Authority of the linking site page.
  • The relevance of the niche and the content.
  • Trust level.
  • Context and placement of a link on the page.
  • Anchor text under which the link is hidden.
  • The number of other links.
  • No mantra!
  • Keywords

Keywords are also considered an important ranking factor. Keywords are the search queries used by traffic coming from the web. You can easily cash these words and phrases into your content and target your target audience. The keywords you use in your content should be relevant to your niche. You can get keywords from online keyword research tools.

Content structure

Content structure is very important for site ranking. If you want to see your website on the top shelves, you need to make sure you have the clearest structure in place.

User experience

Users must be able to enjoy and understand the interface of the website. If your users are not having a good time on the site, you surely cannot earn a good ranking position.

Original Content

According to Ramneek Sidhu, people who come to the web are more interested in recent content than in old ones. Instead of paraphrasing old content into new, you should try to do original research and provide new ideas and solutions!page speed 

Page load is a particularly important ranking factor. You should know that the page loading speed should be optimal like in if you want to enjoy the best ranks. The page load speed should not exceed two to three seconds!

Google’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness EAT.

It is on these three criteria that Google judges the quality of a page and its content:

Expertise: You need to be an expert in your field and show content creator skills.

Authority: the authority of your page is acquired thanks to the expertise of the author. For example, a forum will show authority through the quality of discussions.

Reliability: You need to show users that they can trust the author or the company.

These three criteria do not all have the same importance depending on your field of activity.

While expertise is essential for sites in the medical, financial or legal sector, reliability is essential on e-commerce sites.

To succeed and improve your SEO you must publish content that highlights your expertise, shows the authority of your brand and inspires confidence in users.

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